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  Q. Why are your prices so low compared to other printing companies?

A. Over the years we have been able to reduce our prices significantly, we have been able to do this by continually investing in the very latest technology and machinery. All our presses are of the very latest technology and have the quickest setup times available in the industry, we don’t outsource our print like a good 70% of online printers, its all printed in our factory in the East Midlands on our presses.

All orders are what we call ‘batch printed’ meaning that for example your a5 leaflet is planned up with upto 15 other A5 leaflets (different orders) on a large B1 sheet of paper, thus meaning we split all the set up costs between 16 customers passing a massive discount onto you.

Q. What do I send you to print from?

A. Creating files for commercial print is not quite the same as just creating a file you are going to print on your desktop printer or copier, we have a full guide on ‘supplying artwork files’ which whoever is creating your design really needs to go through and understand before you place your order. If design is not your cup of tea don’t worry, we have a team of professional and qualified graphic designers in house who can take care of this for you, we simply have two options on our pricing page:

If you need us to create your design for you, please have a read through our ‘about our design service page’ which explains exactly how this works and has a portfolio of other designs we have created.

If you only have a paper copy, then our designers will have to recreate it for you as we need a computer file to print from, scanning your existing copy will not produce very professional looking results, so you would need to opt for ‘please create my design for me’.

Q. Digital vs Litho? What is the difference?

A. Digital and Litho printing are 2 completely different processes of print, although they are different the final result will still be a stunning and vibrant full colour print.

Digital print is ideal for short run print jobs, however once you get to a certain quantity the Litho process becomes more cost effective. Litho printing is slightly higher quality than digital printing but the set up costs are more expensive hence why digital printing is more cost effective than litho on shorter runs.

The main difference between digital and litho printing is that the colours will never reproduce exactly the same across the 2 different printing processes, they are not far away but we do say they will never match exactly. The other difference being that a digitally printed product such as a letterhead sometimes cannot be put back through a laser printer due to the heat process, saying this we have hundreds of customers that do, so please check your compatibility if you are planning to overprint any of our digitally printed products.

PLEASE NOTE: you are fine to overprint digitally printed letterheads on an inkjet printer – these are the most commonly used printers used nowadays.

Q. Why doesn't my print match what I see on my monitor?

A. You have spent ages designing your artwork on screen only to find that your print is a very poor facsimile of your precious work? Let me guess, the print is dark and flat, right? Welcome to the party. In this day of technological whizz bang, you’d think such a trivial matter would be–well, trivial. Yet, so many photographers and graphic professionals continue to pull their hair out over this simple yet puzzling challenge. You probably tried calling us and we probably blamed your computer or monitor brand. Maybe someone told you that your colour management is way off. And, a friend most likely mentioned something about ICC , RGB, CMYK or ISO colour standard profiles etc.

Let’s start with the most obvious suspect–your monitor. You probably got a pretty cool looking one that cost you a decent amount of your hard earned cash. As nice as the monitor may be, it most likely is lying to you–kinda like beer goggles. Ever notice how beautiful all the images look on a rich glossy Apple screen? Monitors vary from one to another even two of the same model. This is blatantly evident when going to a PCWorld where all the monitors or tv’s are showing the same image. Notice how different the image looks from one monitor to another? The monitor has an idea of what the colours should look like but it doesn’t know exactly.

The same goes for printers. Printers and monitors are both output devices. Monitors use a dynamic backlit display while printers use inks or light sensitive paper to create colours. The problem is that there is no standard for what a specific colour should look like. Let’s say we have an RGB colour value of 255,0,0. Without someone defining what that colour should look like, all we know is that it’s some shade of red.

Fortunately, some smart people realized that this was a problem and came up with a solution. The ICC (International Colour Consortium) agreed on a colour standard and developed a system where individual colour devices could be profiled and corrected to display a standardised colour. Thus, two different output devices could show the same colour value with increased consistency.

Colouring devices are used to measure ICC standardised colour patches. A device that looks like a mouse is placed on the monitor while different colour patches are displayed on the screen and measured by the monitor calibration device. Printers will output a colour target sheet that has many different colour patches which is then measured by a print spectrophotometer. Once the output devices are measured, the colour profiling software will generate something called an ICC profile. It is file that has a blueprint of the colour characteristics of your output device. This file is then used by your computer to correct the colour on your printer or monitor to show the standardised colour. This whole act of juggling colour profiles on your computer is what we call colour management, and this is something we are very good at here at cheapestprint!

Q. I've got a file I want to print but I need a slight amendment to it?

A. No problem, if you have a print ready file but need a slight amendment to it, say the phone number needs updating for example, please contact our customer services team and they will happily quote for the amendments once they have seen your file. (Prices for amendments start at £10.00)

Q. Why can't I add more than one type of order into my basket at the same time?

A. Unfortunately our automated system links your turnaround option to your order, so duplicate order in your basket would confuse our software. If you have more than one order, you will be required to complete the checkout process again.

Q. If I order, say x500 business cards, can i split my quantity (i.e. 2 x 250) between 2 names?

A. No. Your order occupies only one 'slot' on a much larger sheet with other orders of the same type, So you can only have one file printed for each order.

Q. When do I upload my print ready files?

A. Once you have paid for your order on our fully secure payment page you will be asked to upload your print ready files to our server (please make sure you have read through our ‘supplying artwork files page’ before uploading, we want your order to go through smoothly like 99.9% do.

Q. Will I see a proof before you print my order?

A. Yes. The system we have in place for proofing your artwork online at the end of placing your order will show your file exactly as it will be printed. Here you also have control over editing your artwork to allow for bleed, borders and safe areas for print - to make sure your file looks just how you want before it is printed. Colours will obviously vary due to monitor settings compared to CMYK print (see the Q above 'Why doesn't my print match what I see on my monitor?').

Q. How long will it take to get my order?

A. We offer 3 different turnaround / despatch times, you simply choose which suits your deadline and budget on our pricing page;

Same day – we despatch your order the very same day you order for delivery the following working day (monday to friday) between 8am and 6pm.

24hrs to despatch – we despatch your order the day after you order (24hrs later) for delivery the following working day (monday to friday) between 8am and 6pm.

5 working days - – we despatch your order 5 working days after you order for delivery the following working day (monday to friday) between 8am and 6pm.

Please note: Our cut off for orders is 2pm, assuming we receive payment and print ready files before 2pm we count this day as your first day of production. If you order is received after 2pm then don’t count this day as your first day of production. Our website is quite clever and the delivery date it shows you at the time of order takes into account our 2pm cut off time.

Our couriers will email you the day before your delivery letting you know that they will be delivering the following working day so please ensure someone is at your delivery address between 7am and 6pm to sign for your order (unfortunately for security reasons the couriers will not usually leave your parcel unsigned for). 

Q. Can I track my order?

A. Yes, when we despatch your order our couriers will usually email you with the delivery date and a tracking number / link, which you can click and view all your tracking information live on the couriers website.

Q. Do you deliver outside the U.K / can you delivery quicker or can I collect my order ?

A. We charge a modest amount for our standard next day delivery no matter what size the order is and various options for shipping outside the UK mainland - all of these options are available in the delivery service dropdown menu at checkout.

Unfortunately due to the delicate nature of some work we print (for trade printers) we do not offer a collection server.

Please note: we only deliver to a mainland U.K. address into our delivery charges, we do not deliver to Scottish Highlands, Ireland, Northern Ireland ,outside the U.K or to PO box addresses into this cost. If you require a delivery to any of these locations or a split delivery please choose the relevant delivery option on the checkout page.

Q. What if I miss my delivery?

A. If nobody is available to sign for your order at the time our courier attempts delivery then a calling card is left by the courier, it will have a telephone number on it which you will need to call and rearrange delivery of your order directly with the courier (there is no need to contact us as the courier has your order at this stage and you will be best to liaise with them directly to arrange a suitable delivery time).

Q. I've placed my order but want to cancel, can I ?

A. We run a very tight ship and all orders placed are processed literally within seconds of you ordering by our automated system, remember we can process over a thousand orders in a day so we have to be efficient and quick off the mark to guarantee our despatch times.

Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund so please ensure you are ready to place your order before hitting the ‘checkout button’!

Q. Do I have to pay vat:

A. V.A.T is usually zero rated on a leaflet/ flyer and is only chargeable on a leaflet/ flyer if it is used as admission, discount on admission or a product/service. V.A.T is also chargeable if the leaflet is designed to be written on, for example on a form or area of a leaflet to be completed. V.A.T is also chargeable if the leaflet is to be used as a postcard. A detailed description of V.A.T print rates is available from HM Revenue and Customs (click here). Most other products on our website are vatable and will be charged so at the checkout. If you have placed an order which we feel should be subject to VAT we will contact you on receipt of your order to discuss.

Q. What if I cant find the product im looking for?

A. If you cant find the product or quantity you require please give our customer services team a call and they will happily quote for you.

Q. Is your packaging branded in anyway ?

A. No. Around 60% of our customers are 'resellers' of print so all of our packing is plain and unbranded - there will be no mention of our company name on any labels or boxes whatsoever.

Q. How do I pay for my order?

A. Payment is taken securely using an online payment portal with your Credit / Debit Card at the time of order. Please call our customer services team for further information, ordering online is by far the quickest and safest way of ordering and other forms of payment can add time to your turnaround.

Q. Why doesn't your file preview program work?

A. It does work! In fact, we have 1000's of successful orders using it every day! Please be sure to read the guide/ tutorial on how to use the software, and make sure you have 'popups allowed' and 'cookies enabled' on your computer whilst using our software. Also, please don't try to order using your phone or a mobile device as it will most likely fail - it wasn't written for such devices. If it still doesn't work, try another computer (it is most likely a more advanced security setting issue).
The golden word is patience! Take your time to read everything on the screen and nothing will go wrong!

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